Ôn tập Tiếng Anh 8 – UNIT 7: POLLUTION (Period 1)

UNIT 7: POLLUTION (Period 1)

  1. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently.
  2. A. wanted B. washed C. danced                        D. played
  3. A. goes B. watches C. misses                        D. brushes
  4. A. come B. mother                        C. open                           D. some
  5. A. mention B. question C. action                         D. education
  6. A. who B. when C. where                         D. what

6.A. sun                          B. fun                                      C. put                                       D. unhappy

  1. A. mind B. bike C. tradition                      D. tidy
  2. A. my B. happy                                   C. hobby                                   D. factory

9.A. health                      B. team                           C. tea                              D. beach

10.A. listened                 B. opened                       C. wanted                       D. lived

  1. Find the word which has different stress pattern from the others.
  2. A. athletic B. historic                       C. dramatic                     D. scientific
  3. A. medical B. national C. chemical                     D. informal

3.A. athletic                    B. dramatic                     C. scientific                     D. heroic

4.A. medical                    B. hospital                       C. politic                         D. electric

5.A. dramatic                   B. physical                      C. environmental             D. medical

6.A. affect                      B. father                          C. pollution                     D. believe

  1. A. prefer B. enjoy C. dramatic                     D. affect

8.A. factory                     B. happen                       C. pollution                    D. poison

9.A. believe                     B. picture                        C. village                        D. factory

10.A. illustrate                 B. believe                        C. affect                          D. village

III. Choose the best answer:

  1. I like ______________ back my home village on holiday.
  2. comes     B. come                           C. came                          D. coming
  3. If the factory ___________ dumping poison into the lake, all the fish and other aquatic animals will die.
  4. continues B. to continue           C. will continue               D. continued

3.Water  ______________ in the lake has made the fish die.

  1. pollution B. pollute                        C. polluted                      D. polluting
  2. Mi and Nick like ____________ back Mi’s home village on holiday.
  3. comes     B. come                           C. came                          D. coming
  4. If the factory continues dumping poison into the lake, the fish _____________
  5. die B. to die                    C. dead                           D. will die
  6. Water pollution is the ________________ in the lake has made the fish die.
  7. contaminating B. contaminate           C. contaminated         D. contamination
  8. If we ______________ water carefully, more people will have fresh water.
  9. will use B. would use           C. using                           D. use
  10. If the factory continues dumping poison ________________ the lake, all the fish and other aquatic animals will die.
  11. into B. to                                C. about                          D. in

Question I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

  1. If we (recycle) ________ more, we will help the Earth.
  2. Factories (not dump) ______________waste into rivers if the government fine them heavily.
  3. If people travel to work by bus, there (be) ______________fewer car fumes.
  4. We (save) ________________thousands of trees if we don’t waste paper.
  5. If we use water carefully, more people (have) ______________fresh water.
  6. If the factory ( continue) ________________ dumping poison into the lake, all the fish and other aquatic animals will die.

7.If we recycle more, we (help) ________________ the Earth.

  1. If people (travel)________________to work by bus, there will be fewer car fumes.
  2. We save thousands of trees if we (not waste)_______________don’t waste paper.
  3. Factories don’t dump waste into rivers if the government ( fine) _______________ them heavily.

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